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Logo Designing

Logo is no small thing; it is the main identity of your company. Over the due course of time, people tend to remember the logos and the shape and the design of the same gets pretty much embedded in their memory. Therefore, considerable amount of attention must be paid while designing a logo.

Since a logo provides a unique representation of the organization in the global market, it needs to be well thought followed with proper and creative designing. It mostly expresses the values, vision and direction of the business. At SEOpride, our team is well versed with the creative thinking process that goes behind in creating a memorable and a unique logo that well verses with your company. The take into account factors such as images, shapes and colors that can possibly end up having a lasting impact of your company.

A few key details that have long stood the test of time and have proven to be apt when it comes to logo designing are simplicity, colors, no tag line and usage of vector graphics. A simple logo goes a long way and is easier to use in multiple ways as compared to a complex logo. Our SEO experts know that it is best to create a custom logo design with just a few colors. A two color logo looks the best. Very companies will suggest it, but it is highly advisable to not to have your company tag line included in your logo. Since the logo gets printed in many sizes, the smaller the size, company’s tagline will become unreadable. Lastly, it’s the usage of vector graphics. By doing so resizing the logo is not a problem and there is no loss in the image quality and details of the logo.

At SEOpride our team of experts can provide you with a creative direction to the logo design and incorporate the values and vision of your firm so that a lot of people can relate and remember the same.

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